Nuke Performance Catch Tankje

Nuke Performance Catch Tankje

Universeel oliedamp/carterventilatie tankje van Nuke Performance uit Zweden met 0,75 liter inhoud.




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Universele, high-tech, oliedamp/carterventilatie tankje van Nuke Performance uit Zweden. Dit is de variant van 0,75 liter inhoud en geschikt voor straatgebruik bij sportieve en/of getunede auto's. Kan stand-alone gebruikt worden of in combinatie met het originele carterventilatiesysteem.

Universal Dual inlet Catch Can with internal baffling and 100 micron filtered outlet. Dual 7/8" AN-10 inlet, dual filtration breather for competition usage as well as for street and tuning usage. Equipped with 100 micron filter disc, prevents particles from escaping the catch can, filter disc is used both when atmospheric and recirculating setup is used. No external filter is needed when using atmospheric setup.

• Dual AN-10 inlet ports, comes with plug for single or dual inlet setup
• Stainless Steel internal baffling
• 100micron Stainless Steel filter disc
• All needed fittings are included, both for atmospheric and recirculating setup
• Anodized dip stick for easy reading of level
• 1/4 G drainage outlet for fast and easy drainage

The 100 micron recessed filter disc make sure to filter your crankcase gasses, in combination with the stainless steel internal baffling this Catch Can gives you outstanding filtration which saves your engine in the short and long run. The Dual Inlet Performance Catch Can gives you maximum filtration, with a 100mic filter disc with its own surge protection mounted to the outlet port making the cans from Nuke Performance the first Catch Can that can be used both for atmospheric and recirculating setup without adding an external filter on top. All fittings included for both setups. Stainless steel bracket for universal applications. Use in combination with our drainage kit including fittings, peacock valve and hose to make drainage fast and easy.

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